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Re: Shocks again

> I would dig deeper for the Boge Turbo-gas shocks.  I had 4 installed on =

Refer to the archives.  Igor K posted the modifications needed to put
Boge Turbo-gas on the rear and Pro-gas on the front of his 200Q and I
followed the same procedure on my 5ktq w/o any problem.  I posted his
drawing of the spacers for the rears at
http://www.geocities.com/MotorCity/5614 (I think it's still there).
Mods are to drill to 12mm the washer and top mount as the original is
10mm.  His original post has the PN's etc.  GPR and others have 'em.

Just Q couple of notes:  I had a little trouble finding spacers, finally
drilled out a couple of sae size to 12mm, everything else was a piece of
cake.  Igor thought his lowered a bit, I thought mine raised a bit.
Neither of us measured, YMMV.  I did notice the lower spring "perch" was
lower, and may get in to play with the spacers someday, but for now
handling is muuuuuuch improved.