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Timing belt (was thinking about buying a 91 200 Quattro Turbo)


I had the car checked by (supposedly) the local Audi gurus (Jeffs
VW/Audi here in Boise, ID). Although I wasn't thoroughly impressed with
the review (they didn't catch the temperature gauge, the driver-side
seat heater) they did find a couple of things:

The front brake pads are almost completely worn out but the rotors look
fine (the brakes don't surge).

It needs a 60,000 mile service. 

In particular he said that he didn't think the timing belt had ever been
changed. He said that there were visible cracks and that it needed to be
replaced ASAP. He said that he didn't think the 20 valve motor had a
problem if the timing belt broke (enough valve clearance). Can anyone
confirm this? If this is not the case, it makes me nervous just driving
it home.

Also, he said $400 to do the brakes and the 60K service (including the
timing belt). Seems pretty cheap to me?

Again, thanks in advance,