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V8 Quattro Newbie - maybe

I have been looking for a V8 Quattro for some time. I finally found
one-a 1991 with 80k miles, auto., all options, no CD, no LSD. Body in
decent shape(a few scratches) mechanically appears and runs excellent
(smooth, powerful but not a roccket - eventhough MT lists 0-60 in 6.8
seconds!!) All routine service done by Audi and is on Audi's computer
logs. One owner, generally appears to have taken good care of the car,
except for the scratches and nicks. Belts at 60k, plenty of brakes/
rotors. I have a few general questions and would appreciate any feedback
from V8 owners.

1- How much should a car like this go for? (North East)
2- What should I be leary of? I was told the V8 steering racks go.
Certainly brakes (this one is on its fourth front pads, second rear). 
3- Any particulars about the 91's? Negatives or positives.
4- Any thing to worry about given the relatively high mileage on the
5- What is a good aftermatket mail order place? 

I believe the car is mine if I decide to get it. I'm leaning that way .
I am planning to take it to a local Audi dealer later this week and any
suggestions on what to look for would be greatly appreciated. As I just
recently joined this digest and may not get it for a few days, I would
really appreciate any feedback to my E-mail and the digest. 


Thanks a lot. 
Ramzi Nassar

'84 Alfa Spider (5 Speed)
'86 M/B 300E (Rare 5 speed with 55k miles)
'87 944S (5 Speed)
'87 750 Turbo Wagon (5 Speed)
'88 626 LX - auto- well, one car had to be auto to please the Mrs. 
		and soon to be added, we hope,
'91 V8 Quattro, Auto