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Re: Timing belt (was thinking about buying a 91 200 Quattro Turbo)

Hairy green toads from Mars made Phil Payne say:
> In message <3442E668.51AB@apexxtech.com> Al Youngwerth writes:
> > In particular he said that he didn't think the timing belt had ever been
> > changed. He said that there were visible cracks and that it needed to be
> > replaced ASAP. He said that he didn't think the 20 valve motor had a
> > problem if the timing belt broke (enough valve clearance). Can anyone
> > confirm this? If this is not the case, it makes me nervous just driving
> > it home.
> Be nervous.

Be very nervous.

The 20V motor is interference, and has a very expensive valve train.
Replace the belt now, or replace a whole lot more later.


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