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re: 91 200q (was power loss@WOT)

My guess is not that you need more air; that enters on the passenger side
through the bumper.  Should be tons of available air.  Unless of course
you've change to a K&N or similar cone filter; that could be your problem, as
the underhood air would be very hot compared to outside air.  You'd need to
build a heat shield and "ram" to get only outside air to the cone filter.

If you don't have the cone filter (i.e., stock air box), my guess is that one
of your temp sensors is reading higher than normal, and the motronic is
retarding boost/spark.  Check the intercooler temp sensor, and block sensors,
as an open hood would likely vent lots of cool air across these areas.  HTH
Chris Miller, Windham NH
'91 200q

You wrote:

<<Mystery may be solved.  Plugs replaced; cap, rotor and wires OK.  WOT 
switch ok. Running at track yesterday and the car just won't pull.  
The hood pops open on left (driver's) side about 1 inch, and lo and 
behold the car starts to pull like a champ!  Either a) car was able 
to vent hot air out  or b) (most likely), not enough air getting to 
the airbox.  Open hood allowed more air to flow into engine 
compartment.  This would explain why the car went dead @ WOT; it was 
running way too rich.
  Does this make sense?  What do the engineers out there say?  How do 
I get more air to airbox without cutting up a nice street car?  All 
replies gratefully accepted. TIA

91 200 STEADIA3qw>>