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New member, UrQ for sale

Greetings Qlisters,

	Doubtfully some of you MAY remember me from the list but it's been many
months and many servers since then. I won't waste space blabbing about
myself or my rescent exploits, unless someone asks me to. What I'm speaking
of is the last month I spent traveling with the Total Audi Performance A4 &
A4Q Race Team to Las Vegas and Colorado Springs. If anyone wants to hear
more about the trip just ask.
	Anyway, I'm actually writing because I know someone out there would like
to buy my 1983 Ur-Quattro, right? Again I will be vauge so if you are in
the market for one please respond with specific questions and I will be
happy to answer them.

Henry G. Silvia
83 TQC
85 4KSQ
84 Coupe gt
84 4KS 2dr