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RE: Land Speed Record (was note on Henry Joy)

Send some pictures to the Thrust team.

-mark nelson

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> >Interesting you mention that...if you go to
> >http://thrustssc.digital.co.uk/thrustssc/contents_frames.html they
> >discuss this controversial topic.  It turns out that NO sonic boom
> was
> >heard, as was the case with Thrust, and they were using a ground
> >tracking radar system to time the car (very unusual method).  There
> was
> >also no effects left on the desert floor at Edwards AFB, as was the
> case
> >at the Black Rock Desert.  Anyway, you can check it out for
> >yourself...the British are looking for pictures of the event, as
> well.
> Sorry but there was a boom (3 of them in fact, Nose, Front Wheel and
> Rear 
> rear Wheels) a forward shock wave and the rear wheels were off the
> ground 
> through the entire timing trap and then some.  The car was timed thru
> a 
> trap, Timed by ground track radar, Onboard airspeed sensor's and also 
> timed by several "Sensor's" that were 18 miles away. (They drove us by
> it 
> by would'nt let us near it. They showed us some imagery from it though
> and it's an amazing device, You could read a arm patch on a ejecting 
> pilot from 44 miles and 650mph......).  The Rocket Car did leave
> of marks on the desert floor we have picture's and there is film of it
> in 
> the Documentry (This project was concived by Hal Needham the Movie 
> Director and Ex-Stuntman) There are also Plenty of Photographs 
> documenting the proect too, My dad shot them.  I still have the 
> "Budweiser Racing Team" Jacket and the Patch Proudly proclaiming 
> "739.666mph Mach 1.011"
> Later!
> Eric Fletcher S.O.C.
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