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Re: Audi recalls 900,000 cars!! (airbags)

Sean Ford writes:
> Ok, everyone, put on your thinking hats. Audi has announced an airbag recall.
> The back of my passenger visor recommends that my airbag be replaced in August
> of 2001  (10 years from the date of manufacture). I seem to recall that the
> reason for replacing the airbag after 10 years has to do with the breakdown of
> the airbag material. Does anyone know if this is true? I'd like to think that
> this airbag recall is going to buy me another 6 years of avoiding what I expect
> will be a very expensive airbag operation (dealerships say, "cha-ching!").

I am not sure the recall is to replace the entire airbag.  I understand
that the part in question is the air bag sensor on some cars and air
bag electronics in others.  I wonder if these are integral to the air bag
assembly (and thus would require replacement of the whole air bag), or
is it a separate part?  Does anyone know? Also, the recall states two classes
of problems:

	1. Marginal sensor may cause the bag to deploy in the absence of
	   collision.  This generally applies to the older cars.
	2. Static discharge may cause the air bag to deploy.

Are the repairs the same for both of these?

Inquiring mind wants to know...

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