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Re: Audi recalls 900,000 cars!! (airbags)

Sean Ford wrote:

> Ok, everyone, put on your thinking hats. Audi has announced an airbag
> recall.
> The back of my passenger visor recommends that my airbag be replaced
> in August
> of 2001  (10 years from the date of manufacture). I seem to recall
> that the
> reason for replacing the airbag after 10 years has to do with the
> breakdown of
> the airbag material. Does anyone know if this is true? I'd like to
> think that
> this airbag recall is going to buy me another 6 years of avoiding what
> I expect
> will be a very expensive airbag operation (dealerships say,
> "cha-ching!").

  All some people will be getting is a ground wire, thats all.

1990 CQ