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Fuel Dist. Rebuild

In message <199710142056.NAA02821@sled> steveb@falcon.kla-tencor.com (Steven Buchholz) writes:

> Thanks so much for the fuel distr rebuild info.  On my '88 5kCSQW (MC
> engine) I have noticed that fuel weeps from the metering rod when the
> throttle plate is moved away from the rest position.  Although I view
> it as an ursatz [sic] means to provide additional fuel, I've wanted to
> fix it.  Based on your rebuild experience, do you think that rebuilding
> the FD on this car would cure the problem, or is it simply the case
> that the metering rod is worn and allows fuel to leak past?

They all leak - that's how they're lubricated.   I think it also helps
to stop the hoses filling with waxy residue from the breather oil.

In any case, rebuilding won't help - the plunger/barrel seal is
precision ground metal-to-metal.

 Phil Payne
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