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Area C1 meeting

We didnt reach Dean's target of 25 quattros at last nights area C1 meeting at 
Stalybridge, only 20 (only!) turned up. 19 of them spent the evening in the 
shadow of the 20V belonging to Lee Wong - 550bhp and he hasnt got the nitros 
kit fitted yet...
He estimates that so far he has spent some 23000GBP on the car, not counting 
the purchase price.
A driver from Liverpool suffered the embarasment of winning the quattro quiz 
(second prize - Lee's car, first prize free beer), the quiz was 'not for 
anoraks' but the questions couldnt have been anorak if they had been about 
waterproof jackets. Most of us managed to keep our scores below 50% though.

Jim Haseltine
88 Ur quattro