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Re: UK v. US parts prices...

>Oh, yeah?  How about starter motors for GBP95 v. US$225; fuel pumps for
>GBP99.99 v. US$190; lower control arm for GBP39 v. $115; front balljoint
>GBP42 v. US$89 ... all prices taken from the October 1997 issue of VW/Audi
>Car (UK) and my receipts (US).  Not half-price but definitely cheaper ...
>and let's not forget about all the used parts available over there! ;^)

I dont think either of you has anything to complain about. Try $360 + 22%
tax for a front rotor (non ufo) for the V8. Now were talkin extortion, not
to mention 4-12 week delivery.


John Firkins