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DC Area Event

Hello all!

The DC area event is close to happening!  We plan to go to VW Sport on either 
the 1st of November or the 8th of November.  These seem to be good dates.  If 
you are interested, please e-mail me and Please, voice your opinion; I want to 
try and accommodate all people.

The plan will be to meet in a central place (my house is TOO small, sorry) and 
then drive to VW Sport.  I was thinking of meeting in the Pentagon parking lot 
- it is open on the weekends and close to I395 which is how to get to VW 

Anyhow, after they show us their stuff (wheels, chips, etc  remember, no 
sales pitch here, I have nothing to gain from going there!) we can test drive 
some stuff, I have been told, and then plan for food.  I do NOT know that 
area, so, again, please suggest.

ALL Audis and VWs are invited; you just need a love of the cars.  Jet wants to 
put up some info on his site, so the sooner we decide, the better.  Plus, I 
may get the digital camera from my company to take web-quality photos! 

Let me know what is up and I hope to send you all a finalized plan soon.  I 
was thinking of calling the group that evolves the Capital Quattro Club?  DC 
Q-Club?  Please suggests a name as well!

Jon Linkov
'96 A4q