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RE: yet another '91 200q questions question

* What's the rim size & offset required by my UFO brakes? I want some 
since this will be my skiing car. Tire Rack has a steel wheel + Blizzak 
listed for UFOs, but I am not that impressed with the (too-wide) Blizzaks 
on my
(too-light) GTI. There are some ads in _european car_ for Hakkas, but not
necessarily the proper size wheels. Could just call TR and ask them what 
those are, I suppose.

I dunno about rims for your car, but I have Nokian NRW snow tires for my 
200Q, and they are excellent.

* US DOT lights suck, suck, suck. Where can I find some E-code 
replacements? I
want to be able to see at night like I can in my GTI. Should I open up my 
account now?
If you have the money,  install the Euro lights. I just got a set of dual 
sealed beam mounting brackets from an '86 5000s (junkyard) to backdate my 
car with. This is the cheap solution, but may make the car look weird. I'll 
let the list know how it goes...I also have hella auxiliary low beams 
mounted beneath the bumper.

* How do I keep Dad from driving my GTI *and* 200q while his 944t is laid 
and he's whining about having to drive his diesel Rabbit? He messes up the 
and radio. Please help me.
Teach him to use the seat memory!


Nick Craft