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Re: My Audi vandalized

> ...  Some 16 year old delinquent liked the jacket in the back seat and my $400
> Sony CD player, so he threw a cement block through the driver's side front
> window. Then he climbed in through the window, ripped the hell out of the dash
> and center console to get out my CD player, and fled  ...  I am still unsure if
> the juvenile's parents have insurance, so I may have to pay the deductible for
> the repairs.

gee why shouldn't the kid get a job and pay for every last penny of the damage he
willfully caused?  (after he gets out of jail?)

Reality time....I think the deductible is lower for vandalism etc. than for
things you do yourself.  They will surely include *all* the damage caused, they
must, mustn't they?

IE new seats, new console, new armrest etc.  You're bound to be able to find
something used to offset the deductible!

Sorry to hear about this tragedy.

Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers