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Re: Fuel System Mods

In a message dated 97-10-15 12:32:15 EDT, you write:

<< I think it is Kenne Bell, but not really sure. They have a bolt on the
 wires between the power and fuel pump. It can bring up the power output to
 the fp by I think 50%. Basicqally, get more flow with thee same fuel pump.
 It is adjustable too. Be careful, though. It can shorten a very expensive
 fp life. I can't confirm this, though. Seems like a nice thing to use
 every so often when you want to drive fast. Also chipping it might be good
 idea. Contact Ned Ritchie at Intended Acceleration. He's probably done
 this before......Later......Steve >>

A rising rate fpr is ok, assuming you are doing something with control
pressure.  An increase in system pressure for fuel needs to have a
corresponding drop in control pressure.  RISK:  Putting higher than stock FP
thru a 10year old system not designed to run that way, best case gives Phil
more FD to fix, worst case bursts a leak somewhere in the neighborhood of an
overspinning k26.  Be very careful here, fuel system mods should be
understood thoroughly before any execution.  Probst book would be the
absolute minimum reference.