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Audi European headlight part #s

Hi all,

A lot of badgering, harassing etc. of my local dealer's parts guy has
resulted in me getting the part numbers of the 'most wanted' headlight
assemblies. Note: these are for LHD cars, i.e. in countries where they
drive on the righthand side of the road (don't get this thread started

Audi 80 B2, 1985
(sloping front end, late 4000 cars. Single bulb H4) 811941029 H/030 H

NOTE: I don't have the numbers for the B3 80 (single bulb H4s). Can anyone
with a European parts fiche for this car shed any light on this?

Audi 90 B2, 1985
(sloping front end, late UrQuattros and CGTs. Twin-bulb H4/H1) 855941029
B/030 B
These can also be used as a replacement light for 4000 cars, provided the
amber corner lights are taken out.

Audi 90 B3, 1988
(rounded body style, also European Coupe Quattros. Twin-bulb H4/H1)
895941029 B/030 B
These can be used as a replacement light for US 80/90/Coupe cars, provided
the amber corner lights are taken out.

Audi 100 C3, 1985
(aero body style, introduced in 1983. Also fits non-turbo 5000 Single bulb H4)
443941029 E/030 E

Audi 200 C3, 1989
(aero body style, also fits 5000 turbo. Twin-bulb H4/H1) 447941029 E/030 E

Audi V8, 1990
(Twin-bulb H4/H1?) 441941029/030

Audi 100 C4, and A6, 1992
(Single bulb H4) 470941029/030

For the V8 owners among you: if you want Euro lights for your car, you'd
better prepare to spend loads of cash... a pair of V8 lights costs a
whopping $1350 here in Holland...


 Tom Nas                                          Zeist, The Netherlands
1988 Audi 80 1.8S, Tizianrot metallic, 213,000km

                             "" -- Marcel Marceau