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Re: Engine Rebuild: Stock Head Bolt Strength

'87 5ktqwRS2 - --???  Please explain.. Is this a modded 5ktqw engine -

If it is, -- :)

Kenn Thyrsted
'87 200 tq Avant

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Date: 18. september 1997 17:17
Subject: Re: Engine Rebuild: Stock Head Bolt Strength

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>> I am doing considerable modifications to my '86 5kcstq as I rebuild the
>> engine and am wondering
>> how well the stock headbolts/ threads hold under high boost/HP
>> Would it be wise to upgrade
> >to Raceware hardware and are Timecerts or something similar necessary to
> >hold everything together?
>  >>
>Scott Fletcher?  cough, cough...  Truly your mind jests you sir.
>Corky Bell has one of the better quotes on Head Bolts:  "Rule:  A head bolt
>is an accountants decision.  A head stud is an engineers decision."
>Now, I will temper that with some btdt.  As a general rule, the vw/audi
>bolts (049-103-384B - available from either the vw or audi store) are
>well designed, and really have no big problems.  In fact, the Bentley's put
>notation in the manuals indicating that reusing the head bolts is OK.
>One view and the other.  My recommendation is to just get new head bolts.
> Want to play it really safe, get the studs.  I have run in excess of 21
>with the stock bolts with no problems.  The difference in price?  A little
>over 120 bux.  Peace of mind:  Get the Racewares.  Regardless warning:  Get
>only the proper turbo head gasket for your car from the dealer.  Make sure,
>double and triple ck, to follow the procedure for torquing the bolts/nuts
>the "T".  As a rule, I have someone count off (Brendan did a fine job on
>wagon) and point the way to the next bolt and tightening sequence.
>Scott Justusson
>'87 5ktqwRS2 - stock head bolts
>'84 Urq