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Re: CC problems & location of CC Module

Actually you describe just what I did before posting.  There is a vacuum
leak, but it is caused by the failure of the relay inside the pump. 
That relay functions fine with an artificial 12 Volts that comes from
the module.  Without that signal the relay stays open and releases the
vacuum with it.  As long as the cruise set button is held the pump runs
and attempts to hold the dashpot back.  On release the pump stops and
vacuum is lost.  I've tested all the lines and the brake valve.  All are
fine.  I can fake the signal and all works well but that kills a safety
circuit.  We don't want any unintended acceleration now, do we!

Robert Myers wrote:
> Roland,
> IME, the most likely cause of cruise control problems is a vacuum leak
> somewhere.  The switchs mounted on the foot pedal brackets release air into
> the vacuum line to turn the CC off.  I'd recommend examining these lines
> quite closely for cracks or loose connections.  It sounds like you could
> have some sort of intermittent leak that will depend on something like
> turning the wheel a certain amount in a direction or where your foot is
> placed while cruising or...
> Good luck.
> BTW, I have no idea where the CC moidule is located.  Probably on the front
> of the firewall.  Follow the vacuum lines.  They should lead right to it.
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