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Noticed a new problem today (to keep the other ones company, I guess): when
driven "sportingly", the engine surges and seems to cut out (fuel
starvation?) from about 2,500 RPM up. It will pull higher revs if you
accelerate a little more gently, but if you put your foot into it, it bogs.

Any suggestions as to where to look first? Car is an 86, 5 speed, not turbo.
And, yes, the fuel pump does whine, but the bogging is new and the whine is not.

BTW - borrowed a Bentley for reference, decided to take Dan's advice and
change the leaky rack for the stainless guaranteed $150 version - the extra
$80 difference over the parts prices is worth it in peace of mind to know I
won't have to do it again.

Best Regards,

Mike Arman