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1998 qOC Membership from the US, Who's in?

I have been in contact with Phil Payne about 
quattro Owners Club membership rates for the 1998
year. For those wondering, the qOC is a worldwide 
club, based in the UK, whose focus is on quattro 
cars, specifically the ur-quattro model cars. They 
have many events in the UK and Europe and hold 
monthly meetings in various areas/districts.

Last year I organized the US membership area, and
12 quattro enthusiasts joined. And now it is time to
get the ball rolling for the 98 memberships.

From correspondence with Phil, this years costs
are detailed below.

> Subject:      UK News
>> I guess its getting time to re-submit membership 
>>info and $$$ from the US. I want to continue my 
>>membership and I am sure quite a few of the
>> original 12 from the US also would. 
> We now have 75 overseas mambers.  
> And we make a loss on them - largely because
> we are mailing more and
> larger items - the Audi magazine will now go out 
>twice a year, and the Club
> glossy magazine once a year.
> We've raised the UK subscription to GBP30. 
> This is inflation-corrected, still 
> about 10% less in real terms than the initial 
>GBP25 was worth when the
> club started.  For overseas members, we're 
>going to have to make it GBP35
> to cover the additional postage charges.  
>That's around $55.

The conversion from GBP to $US has been
floating around 1.60 to 1.65. Using the 1.65 figure ,
 we get 1.65 *35 = US$57.75 for 12 months 
membership. I need to add in a few(3or 4) 
dollars for check processing, mailing costs 
and insurance on the registered mail package. 
That brings it to $60.75 or $61.75. I will check 
into the mailing/insurance costs. These caught 
me by surprise last year.

Now you ask what does $62 buy you? A 
membership card, a window sticker, a lapel 
pin, a monthly newsletter and a glossy club 
magazine, which they produce once a year. 
And it sounds like 2 mailings of the UK VAG 
Audi magazine. I'm sure all of the initial 1997 
members would agree that this is a first rate club, 
and enjoyed being a member. I know I enjoy the 
monthly newsletters and read the October 
issue last night.

Here is the drill, same as last year,

1) E-mail me, Dave Lawson, 
<dbldmnd@compuserve.com> that you have
decided to join. Include the following information

member name
mailing address
e-mail address
home phone number
work phone number
vehicle model
model year
chassis no. (VIN)
engine no.
exterior color
interior color/material

2) I will reply to you and let you know the amount 
needed for membership($61 or $62), who to make 
the check out to and where to send it. The cutoff for 
open enrollment is 7 November 1997. At this date, I
will cash the checks and get the cashiers check cut.

3) I will alert Phil Payne via e-mail of the number of US 
members who are joining and the total amount being 
sent to the club.

4) I will assemble all the membership info and send it
along with the check to Roger Galvin, the club 
membership secretary.

5) Starting in January, we begin to receive 1998

There you have it, I look forward to hearing from
future qOC US members. This year, we may even
have to start sending our area meeting minutes.
Dave Lawson  dbldmnd@compuserve.com
Boulder, CO
90 200 TQW, idles quiet with new lifters
86 coupe GT, bent
83 ur-q, jealous of the wagon, been in the garage for 2 wks