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MotorVac carbon removal update - a little long.

I stopped at a local MotorVac dealer today (thread appeared last week) and
talked to the owner about the service.  Below are some of his

1.  What is the process?
System developed/manufactured by SUN.
Cleans carbon/gum deposits from fuel system (Fuel distributor, manifold,
and upper engine (valves and piston heads).
Uses a naptha-based solvent, mixed with super unleaded fuel.  System is
connected between FP and FD, and car is run for up to 1 hour.

Endorsed by all major car manufacturers.  Audi?  He doesn't know, but VW

2.  What are the benefits?
Those associated with a "cleaner engine": increased vacuum, valves seat
better after being "decarbonized", more power, lower emissions (the system
is touted for vehicles that fail emission tests), increased mileage.  Snake

3.  What about guarantees or damage?
This dealer will refund cost if you don't see an improvement.  He charges
SUN, according to this dealer, guarantees that if a vehicle sustains
damage, as a result of this process, they will repair same (they may have
figured out someone else to blame).  

This dealer WILL NOT DO the service on high mileage (>150K) imports (Audi
included).  He was vague when I asked why (mumbling alot about fuel
distributors leaking, quitting, etc.).  They will do the service on similar
mileage 'merican engines.

Realllly "dirty" cars are known to run crummy, for up to several days,
after this cleaning.

Anyone care to comment about the use of naptha-based solvent on non-metal
parts and having specks of carbon flying around in the engine/exhaust/O2
sensor for a day or two.  I'm not one to jump in until I know how deep the
water is.

MJ Murphy
89 100
if it ain't broke, it just means the gods haven't figured out what to do