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Re: Audi Assured????

At 10:25 AM 10/16/97 +0900, you wrote:
>Can anybody tell what the scoop is on the Audi Assured deal? I have a
>few dealers near my home (in s.e. MA - Hingham) who offer it. It looks
>like it covers a lot and would give great peace of mind. I am willing to
>pay a little more to avoid PIA things. Anyone have experience with this
>warranty, is it worth it? Is it honored?

In July I bought my '94 90CSQ from Brookline VW/Audi. While I personally
would be leary of buying a used car from an individual (with no warranty) I
felt much more at ease buying my Audi from a dealer with an Audi Assure
warranty.  So far its worked for me.

The Audi Assure program, as I understand it, requires that the car be
inspected by the dealer before delivery to ensure that the vehicle is
operating up to snuff. That is to say, Audi will not allow a car with lots
of problems to be covered under the Audi Assure program. In my case, my own
mechanic had identified some problems which (after some gentle but
persistent nudging) the dealer confirmed and had fixed before I took delivery.

What I like about the program is its basically a 2 year/24000 mile warranty
(on a used car!) Like most warranties, none of the so called "wear" items
are covered, for example the clutch, master cylinder, brakes, and so on.
But I've had a few little things done already under this warranty at no
cost to me.

Buying a car with Audi Assure costs you NOTHING. And you gain a lot: you
know the car is in very good operating condition, and you know that if
anything goes wrong  (e.g. climate control, switches, electrical, etc) its
covered under the warranty.

Of course, don't take my word for it. Ask the dealler about it; they can
surely provide you with a detailed list of what they inspect beforehand,
and what the program covers later on. They did for me.

Good luck.


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