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Re: Q greeting?

Hey Y'all,

I believe I have the ideal Q-list recognition code.

Living as I do in the wilds of West Virginia, I have learned that each of
us (assuming no damage to a "normal" person - BTW, are Audi owners normal?)
carries with us a map of the state of West Virginia.  This would be an easy
symbol to recognize.  It goes like this:  Make a fist with your right hand.
 With the palm facing you, extend your thumb which now represents the
eastern panhandle.  Now extend the middle finger which represents the
northern panhandle.  Voila!  West Virginia!  Instant recognition signal!  

The same map can be used with the left hand with the palm held toward you
for the benefit of others.

BTW, I live at the approximate location of the ring finger nail.

Have a good day.  :-)

At 10:12 AM 10/16/97 -0400, you wrote:
>I have, on rare occasion, been greeted in a similar manner.  Perhaps we
>should devise a unique hand signal to go with the verbal greeting. 
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