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FD Repair Kits

In message <9709158769.AA876951528@genchip.uunet.ca> "Mike Hopton" writes:

>      I have a spare FD for my '83 ur-q that I would like to rebuild and use 
>      on my '85. The reason: in the winter I have problems starting my '85 a 
>      mechanic I trust believes that the plunger in the FD is sticking (when 
>      the temperature gets cold) does this sound plausible, runs fine as 
>      long as the temperature is above 0C? 

I have to do some asking on the spares.  I'll do it on Sunday.

It seems that the vast majority of fuel distributor problems are caused by 
erosion of the upper O-ring on the barrel that contains the plunger.  This 
allows system and control pressure to mix at a flow rate that the control 
pressure regulator can't deal with - the effect is to raise control pressure 
and thus reduce fuel flow.  It's very gradual, and most people just don't 
notice they're getting less performance.

You should really hook up a fuel pressure gauge when the system is cold annd 
watch what happens when you start it up.

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club