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No Subject

I also often try turning off my headlights while driving at night just to 
see if they might come back on. I usually do this while driving at high 
speeds on very busy streets for an extra thrill!!!!

Seriously I had a similar problem with the dash and climate control lights. 
If I opnened the glove box the lights would work, with glove box closed 
they wouldn't. This was with the headlights off which meant that the glove 
box light wasn't even coming on!

I got out the schematics and started looking at all circuits related to the 
dash/climate control/glove box lights and one found that the rear license 
plate lights were in the circiut. Well both license plate lights were blown 
and opon replacing them all has been well.

The only thing that I can figure is that they priovide some ground path for 
the above mentioned circuits and when they were blown the ground was 
provided by opening the glove box - really wierd.

87 5KTQ