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wagon crumple zones

Lee Levitt wrote:
>>Regarding 3rd seats and crumple zones...I don't know about the Audi, but
>>Volvo specifically states that unlike the sedan, the rear clip of the wagon
>>is "hardened" and will not deform like the sedan will...
>>IOW, it will pass more of the energy of an impact *through* the car, which
>>if you have people in those seats, is probably a good thing...
>>Lee Levitt
I have never viewed this as a good thing for those of us who drive wagons
without 3rd seats.  The bottom line is that without a crush zone in the
back, passengers will experience more severe accelerative forces when the
car is rear - ended.  I think that Volvo and Audi design excellent seating
systems to reduce whiplash, etc., but you are going to get a bigger shock in
a wagon with less rear crush zone.  BTW, I was driving a GM rent-a-heap last
year in Connecticut and was hit from behind by a Land Rover Discovery.  I
got whiplash because of the s---ty low head restraint and the drivers' seat
was so badly bent backwards that you cound not have driven the car.  One of
the things I hate about traveling is not to have the safety of my Audi.

Ralph Poplawsky
'91 200TQ
'95 Volvo 850TW