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Re: Fuel pump dampers

>>While perusing the Bentley ('89-91 100/200), I noticed that the fuel pumps
>>for  MC & NF engines and for 3B engines have devices atop the pump labelled
>>"noise damper" and "silencer", respectively. Pretty descriptive names!
>>Since this thread has centered on FP noise (meaning and implications
>>thereof), I wonder if anyone can comment on the possibility that some FP
>>noise might be caused by mal- or nonfunctioning noise suppression devices
>>at the top of the pump? I don't know if it's possible for them (noise
>>supressors) to be defective, but if so, perhaps these pieces are available
>BTDT.  The part is listed on the fiche as follows:
>447 906 095 "Pressure Damper" is listed on all 5k/200 cars with in tank
>mounts 86>91 = 132.25
>441 906 095 "Pressure Damper" is listed on all v8's in tank FP (and a later
>vin split # with that too)
>Changed a couple out with known "quiet" pump ones, and find that a) the 2
>local chicago mega dealers shows 00 sales of these, lots of pumps, and b)
>replacing the pump with the same damper quiets the noise immediately if the
>cause has been traced.  Even with the TSB breakdown of tank material clogging
>screen, no cleaning of the pressure damper necessary.  One of my audi
>contacts indicated that the only reason he could think of to replace that
>"dumb thing" is if you lost it.

In other words, these gizmos seem either to (a) not ever go bad, _or_ (b)
not accomplish much to begin with (wouldn't be the first time I guess).

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