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Titus for Robert Myers


	I was born and I lived 20 years in Resita, a 100.000 inhabitants town,
down the valley of Semenic Mountains. In present I live in Timisoara, the
town where Revolution started in "89. Me and my wife are air traffic
controllers on Timisoara International Airport, but different profiles. In
States I think my job is in fact marshaller and my wife's
Briefing/Aeronautichal Information Officer. No kids, just "The Beast" '88
200 turbo quattro 215.000 km 121 kw and a '94 licensed romanian wagoon copy
called "Dacia" of the Renault 12. This is Tucu family ( read it "tsookoo" )

Tucu Titus Corneliu    ctucu@mail.dnttm.ro

Torontalului Str. 43,
1900 Timisoara, Romania
Tel. +40 56 220746