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re Undercoating

"Armstead, Brian" <barmstea@usia.gov> wrote:
> I just had some fender mods done (had a fender lip ground away to 
> accomodate new wheels--rolling the lip caused the repainted skin to 
> break) 

That's my preferred method to clearance the wheelwells too.  I've found 
it much easier than trying to bend the lip up.  Bending (rolling)
screws it up for me, both the paint and the sheet metal.  It seems very
in this area on the Audis, so I don't think the metal is missed too
much.  Plus, you don't have the lip itself interfering even after
Perhaps if I had that special tool...

I have yet to do anything about the exposed metal, but I will.  It's not 
too wet or salty where I live.

I'll probably use Rustoleum primer or paint, 'coz it's supposed to
perform some sort of reaction with the metal (or any light rust).

Undercoating sounds like a good idea (in addition to some kind of paint, 
but not alone).  I don't know how much actual noise reduction you're
to get from just the wheel well area, unless you're gonna put more 
somewhere/everywhere else.

Audis strike me as having enough undercoating tho'.  For sound
deadening, I'd 
go for Dynamat or such on places like the insides of the doors and
inside the trunk.