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Re: Low turbo boost - '86 5KCSQ

At 03:03 PM 10/16/97 -0700, George Simmons wrote:
>The boost on my car maxes out at 0.9 these days vs about 1.4 a few miles
>ago.  I've performed the checks listed in the Bentley manual and have
>come to suspect either the wastegate or the wastegate frequency valve.
>The boost behaves the same whether I disconnect the electrical
>connection to the frequency valve or not.  Before I pay my mechanic a
>visit, does anyone have any suggestions?
> I'm also interested in the actual operation of the frequency valve; two
>vacuum(pressure?) hoses in, a vacuum(pressure?) hose out to the
>wastegate, plus a two terminal electrical connection from the engine
>control unit.....   Anyone know the theory of operation?
>Thanks for any comments.
>George Simmons

I'm experiencing similar things on my '88 5000QT, only not quite as bad
(gets up to 1.1 if I really really try :). 
I'd like to drive it with a 1.4 boost, then I might actually be able to
feel the turbo :) (I was driving a friend's 1995 Mitsubishi Eclipse AWD 
Turbo, and man o man does that turbo do a lot more :)