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Re: my 90 cq


I picked up on this thread through Ray Calvo's posting...

>>> hyd.press.accumulator- light comes on-surges occasionaly, upper 

It probably needs replacement...
BTW mine brake light stays on for about a minute after start-up 
(this is with the new bomb).  I will follow Igor Kessel's advice
and drain the hydraulic system and replace with new pentosin..

>  front strut bearings- every time I turn lock-to-lock it knocks etc, 
Check the two 17 or 19mm bolts holding the tie rods to the rack...
they're probably a bit loose...just tighten them...
All CQs seem to show this problem around 100k miles..>>>

>>>i see leakage and it is harder to engage gears 
>  esp. reverse, exhaust tips ->>

Dunno, but replacing the tranny fluid with redline synthetic has
greatly improved the shifting of my CQ.

-Peter Schulz
1990 Coupe Quattro