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Fuel Dist. Rebuild

In message <025D034478502B68*/c=us/admd=telemail/prmd=mmc/o=den/ou=ccmail/s=Southerlin/g=Russell/i=S/@MHS> Russell S Southerlin writes:

> I am having that failure mode that you warned about where some injectors 
> squirt all the time. Although I am getting it in not all injectors (#3 for 
> sure). I pulled all 5 injectors so I could check for this and so I wouldn't 
> flood my engine!! Thanks for the heads up. 
> Another stange thing is that I cannot get more than 55psi system pressure. 
> I tried to shim the reg. about .025" and system press. stayed the same. I 
> then cracked the injector fittings and found #3 flowing all the time where 
> the others flow only when the air plate is lifted.
> Do you know what causes this? I do have a small wrinkle/indentation in the 
> metal sepatating gasket in the bore for #3 injector. Could this cause this? 
> I was also noticing that the metal separating gasket has a slight 
> indentation for each of the five injector ports. It looks like the fuel 
> pressure from under the gasket has pushed the gasket up against the 
> injector port causing the gasket to dent slightly. Is this normal?

Yup - we have a head like this.  At present, we consider it scrap and have 
pushed it to the back of the shelf for dealing with later.
You'll notice that there is an Allen socket next to each fuel line fitting on 
the top of the head.  This is an adjustment that seems to be used to eliminate 
manufacturing tolerances in the 'top hat' riders and springs inside the head.  
Being fairly experienced mechanics, we have always kept to the 'run together, 
keep together' approach - I think if the small components inside the head are 
not kept with their original ports this kind of runaway tends to happen. 

 Phil Payne
 Committee Member, UK Audi [ur-]quattro Owners Club