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Oil Pressure Switch Questions

I havent been on the list for a few months, simply because I am in litigation
as a result of my car accident which is now a year and three months old.
 Needless to say, I dont have the car back yet.  One of the problems is an
oil switch that was leaking really bad after the accident.  The insurance
company refused to repair it because there was no visible signs of damage.
 So I paid for the work to be done so I could have the old switch in my hand.
 I now have the switch and after looking at it, it is bent.  I sent it to an
independent engineer for review, but the problem is, he cant take it apart
without the risk of tampereing with the evidence.  I need to know if anyone
has any information on the part, like a schematic, a diagram or some
information that tells us what the inside of the switch looks like.  The part
number on the Audi receipt is 035-919-561 OIL PRG (was $146.55).  Any
specifics like viscosity, or pounds of pressure needed to open the switch,
anything would be nice.  We have tried to blow air through the switch to get
it show a leak, but it seems there is much more involved internally.  TIA for
any help you have.  Brian