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Fw: Brake Pads

I have seen several partly negative remarks here about MetalMaster pads.  
It puzzles me......I have them
on my personal 84 Rabbit GTI.......street driven......great pads!  no
problems at all.   I have also installed
them on several of my customer's vehicles.....both street cars and off-road
trucks.......no problems of
any kind.   Is the problem more when the car is driven hard?

> > hey all, i am looking to do a set of brake pads on my 4kQ, front and 
> > rear, and i would like recommendations from all of ya.  
> For street-only use, don't get the MetalMasters. Get the Organics
> made by the same company (Axxis, formerly Repco). I use them on
> all 8 corners of both of my cars, and love them.
> No scary first stop (like the MM), no dust or squeal, and mine have
> 40-50K and going strong.