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86 5kcstq glitches

Hi everyone...  I'm new to this list, and I've been having a few minor
problems with my 86 5kcstq that I thought I'd bounce off the list...  

1.  Most of the electronics are "quirky" (the only diplomatic way to say it).
 Many things will work intermittently.  The major thing I am concerned with
is the spedometer.  I'm fairly certain that it doesn't read accurately, I
tested it with another car, and determined that it read about 10mph over the
actual speed, but other times it seems to be accurate and other times is
seems to read about 10mph under the actual speed.  Then there are the times
that it doesn't work at all, but it will always come back if I tap on the
dash.  Is this something that I can fix?  Is is worth fixing?
Has someone come up with an approximate RPM->MPH table?

2. (ok, so #2 is pretty much the same as #1)  I have the feeling that a lot
of the wiring has been corroded...  Like I mentioned above, the electronics
work intermittently.  Speakers will go on and off, same with the sunroof,
rear seat window controls don't work, climate control sometimes disappears
(this also will come back if I tap the dash), and the clock will not display
anything unless one of the buttons is held down.  All of the auto-check stuff
seems to work fine, except for the test button.  Also, the courtesy lights do
not come on when the doors are opened (yes, of course I checked the switches,
they are all set to door) and the door open warning light does not come on
(must stem from the same place).  All of this stuff is relatively minor, but
I would like to see if I can't resolve _some_ of these problems.

3. (I think I read this in the archives somewhere, but I never found the
solution if there was one)  The pressure guage never goes above 1.1 bar and
it only gets that high when I really step on it, could it be a leaking hose,
turbo not spinning or something else...  Again, fixable?  Worth it?

4.  The ABS does not work.  The rear brakes are in need of replacement at
this point, but I don't think that will help...  Is there any way I can
pinpoint where this problems comes from?

Last but not least, I'm looking for a set of manuals, and I'm wondering what
the best one is, if someone could give me an opinion on this and maybe a
source for obtaining them, it would be most appreaciated.
If you can help me with anything on my gripe list, send me an E-Mail or send
to this list,
Thanks much,
Peter Kenlan
86 5kcstq (still drives awesome, aside from all of this)