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(fwd) 1990 Audi Coupe Quattro Pearl White, 750...

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Date: 1997/10/14
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Subject: 1990 Audi Coupe Quattro Pearl White, 750...
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Buyline:   1990 Audi Coupe Quattro Pearl White, 75000 miles,
           Great car in Great condition  $10,250/firm

More Info: Price has been reduced from $12,500 to $12,000 to
           $11,000 to $10,250.  Car is in great shape.
             There was a THOROUGH inspection performed on the
           car on Thursday
           September 25, 1997 by Valley Motors Audi in
           Cockeysville, MD.  This
           inspection was requested by someone who was and still
           is interested in the
           car.  Here were the results:
           1. Left fog light and bracket which holds the fog
           light need to be
           replaced.  The light than needs to be realigned. 
           This needs to be done to
           repass MD state inspection.
              Labor(hrs) Parts
           Bracket/insert  0.20  $10.38
           Fog light  0.50  $221.46
           Aim/realign  0.30  $0
           Total parts and labor  $293.00
           2. The distributor is leaking oil.  Only option
           according to mechanicis to
           replace distributor.  Side shaft seal to rear
           differential is leaking.  A/C
           needs to be evacuated and recharged and tested for
           possible leaks.
              Labor(hrs) Parts
           Distributor  1.50  $379.61
           Side shaft seal  2.50  $5.14
           A/C   1.50  freon
           Total parts and labor $716.00+freon
           Everything else is in tip top shape.
           Here is the number to Valley Motors Audi
           410-667-9000.  Here is the VIN #
           to my car WAUGD08B3LA001177
           I don't want you to feel that you are being cheated
           in anyway so please
           feel free to call and ask them about everything I
           just listed.  If you are
           serious about purchasing the car, I think you may be
           able to find better
           prices from other Audi specialist shops(dealerships
           usually overcharge).  I
           have lowered the firm price of $11000 to help offset
           the cost of repairs.  Please call me if you are still
           interested.  As
           mentioned, I have all the service records after
           50,000 miles. 
           The car is fully loaded (every option I can imagine).
            etc.etc  Has almost every option that was offered. 
           Pioneer detachable face stereo cassette.  Car Phone. 
           Leather seats, heated and 8way power front seats, All
           wheel drive, 4 wheel disc ABS, ski sack, stock
           Speedline wheels, antitheft deterrent system, too
           much too list.    Let me know if you want to buy. 
           My family is in the process of attempting to buy a
           used SUV and need the money to help pay for the
           purchase.  Please email me, ASAP.  Thanks.

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