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Re: Vandalism estimate: restitution (No direct Q content)

... you may not get insurance $ from them, but in most states you can have
the cretin ordered to pay restitution to you, the victim of the crime, as
part of the sentence, whether in juvenile court or 'adult' court.  Consider
following up with the prosecutorial authority and insisting on this...
payment is a condition of probation; no pay = probation violation

>Andrew Buc <72220.443@compuserve.com> wrote:
>Subject: My Audi vandalized: the estimate
> > I don't understand what insurance you expect the kid's parents to 
> > have.  Is there  some kind of 'child criminal protection policy' 
> > available?  Would this be an extension  of the homeowners policy, 
> > or what?
>Right you are! That sort of insurance is contrary to public policy. It would 
>be like letting me get insurance to pay you off if I deliberately set your
>on fire.