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Re: Audi Clutch alignment

In a message dated 97-10-18 01:39:14 EDT, Mike T writes:

<<  It has been my experience, with most Front Wheel Drive, and 4 wheel
 > drive vehicles, the clutch is "No small feat"  Namely due to the
 > design specifics inherent with these "specific" types of vehicle.
Mike, the only difference is the addition of the rear driveshaft.  Having
done many fwd and rwd cars, I find the "design specifics" easier with awd
than fwd, since audi fwd/awd is more a rwd job given the engine orientation.
 "no small feat" can be applied to the weight, not complexity.  Proper
planning of the r&r can make this a one man job.  All of the ones I've done
are by me only.  Hardly claiming any feat.
 > On the Coupe's and 4KQ's, unless you have the gearbox "PERFECTLY"
 > aligned, it WILL NOT ( Audi Gods say NO!) go together, period! BTDT. 
 > Even utilizing the "clutch alignment tool", (which IS required for
 > an Audi), you will still encounter a few small difficulties to
 > overcome!  
Like it's not really necessary for the CAT.  I found that NOT using the
C.A.T. gives a better success rate than using it.  Usually within two
"eyeball" realign of the clutch, the trans goes in.  My experience is that
the clutch slightly lower than center gives a more successful mount. 
 > That and the damn gearbox weighs a ton!
 > Audi + Gearbox= no easy job!
She is a heavy one, removal no problem, install takes time and muscle. The
fwd and autoboxes however, are easier with N/S orientation than many other
fwd cars.

My .02