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Re: Fuel pump roulette - part duex

>As a rule I find the bosches good for 120-150k, so two of
>those should get the life of the car (exceptions noted).  However, those
>(Jeff Goggin, FI) in hot weather climates, might consider the new pump a good

For the record, neither me nor my family have had a Bosch fuel pump last
longer than 115k, the most recent one to go being the one in my 200q, which
died at 114k ... the one in my old '91 100 was replaced at 68k, which is the
earliest I've ever had to replace one.  BTW, Scott's correct: After having
to replace the last pump on the side of the road in 100+ degree weather, I
now consider them to be maintenance items every 80k.  I put the old one in
with the spare tire, next to the spare timing belt and water pump, just in
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