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Re: Light Flywheel

In a message dated 97-10-18 12:15:15 EDT, you write:

<< You must understand the "reciprocating mass" of your engine, this includes
<crank, connecting rods, pistons,
< front crank damper, and flywheel, which are all "balanced" together! 
< The inertia forces are "balanced" if the common center of all the
reciprocating <mass lies in the center of the crankshaft!  
< If you "lighten" the flywheel, you must also "rebalance" the reciprocating
mass, or <the center of balance 
< will be moved, and cause premature wear of crankshaft and other rotating
<components. >>
The flywheel is not where the motor is balanced on audis.   Flywheels are
interchangeable parts, Mike.  The flat flywheel 89>91 is interchangeable with
the bowl flywheel (good upgrade in fact, massive weight savings) of the pre
89 cars.  One needs some extra parts and a different clutch, but you DON"T
need to rebalance the motor.   Assuming one removes weight equally around the
circumferance of the flywheel, lightening is not only successful, but a great
mod as well. The stock FW weighs in at 29lbs, I know Anderson will give the
bowl cut back to you at 6+ pounds savings.  Hardly a mod to ignore.  A lot of
unbalanced tweeksters have been doing this mod for years.

Some are used to balancing motors at the flywheel, audi isn't one of them.
 The clutch and flywheel assbly are considered a balanced reciprocating mass.
 Don't "unbalance" it when taking off the weight, no other balancing