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Re: master cylinder question

Ken wrote:
> 4.  And, since I'm asking (if I didn't love this car so much I'd think
> it was
> a P.O.S.), I'm trying to find out about a certain wire, to see if it is
> supposed to be 'connected' to ground.  Or rather, if it is supposed to
> be
> shorted to ground.  It's a blue/black wire          >

	That wire is<if I identified it correctly in my wire diagram by your
description> probably a black wire with a blue stripe.If I am correct
this wire suppilie power to the back up light switch and therefore
should not be connected to ground.Check for 12v at this wire if you have
power the switch may have failed.The back up light switch is the one
hiding behind the servo for the differential lock just remove the wires
and hook them together and see if the lights work.Also remember to check
the wires at the trunk hinge if they break and short out the fuse may
blow and there will be no power at the black/blue wire.