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Re: Removal of 1990 90 Steering Wheel

F. Zimmerman wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to get at my turn signal stalk.  After removing the top
> cover I have come to the conclusion I need to remove the steering
> wheel.  The next step is to remove the "Horn Button".  Do I need
> to take any precautions, or are there any troubles with my airbag?
> Any help would be appreciated...
> Fritz
> 87 4000Q
> 90 90
> '91 Miata
	Yes there are several precautions One is to disconnect in this order
the red connector under dash(there is a small cover and the connector
has a tag with AIRBAG)second disconnect the red connector under the top
cover at the steering wheel(the one you have described in your
letter)third remove horn pad(AIRBAG UNIT)caution the airbag has an
explosive in it that can be detonated by static electricity so ground
yourself before un plugging(touch your finger to the steering wheel
column)and set the airbag with horn pad facing up(connector down)that
way if the bag was set off it would not be projected into the air or
your face or etc...remove steering wheel be careful not to disturb the
spiral spring as it is referred to(airbag connecting wires) it can come
apart easily and this would require replacement.
	To remove turnsignal switch loosen screw through the slot on bottom of
steering column.

note:the horn pad(airbag)is held in place with TORX screws #30 and some
turnsignal switches are held in place with TORX also(I dont remember
which size)