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Re: Anyone fixed the door lock on a 200 and have p/ns?

At 06:16 PM 10/18/97 -0400, you wrote:
>Last 3 or 4 times opening/closing the driver's door with the key, locking
>felt kind of rough, like something was loose and rubbing.  Very little
>effort, just didn't feel right.  Then, the lock cylinder stopped unlocking
>the door.  Passenger door works fine... but if it fails, I'm locked out and
>don't look forward to getting in through the ski sack.
>I have a bentley, etc. but would appreciate any BTDT advice.  Even better,
>I'd like to order the parts to fix it prior to taking the door entirely
>apart, as it looks like a bit of labor, and the car wouldn't be very drivable
>without a door interior.  Anyone have part numbers for the 200?
>Thanks in advance,
>Chris Miller, '91 200q, Windham NH


This is a big pain in the a job.  I hope your hands are the size of a small
child's.  I've heard of people taking the outer shell off the door, but
haven't done this myself.  Audi probably intended you to do this, as it is a
big pain if you don't (BTDT with door skin attached).  Alot a few hours for
this.  BTW, I be very careful that the indexed alarm wheel is in the proper
place.  If not, you will disarm the alarm when you lock the door and arm it
when you unlock the door.  We have this problem.  Replacing the lock was
such a pain that I just disconnected the alarm wire on that door!

Good luck!


John Karasaki

Audi Quattro Fanatic