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Need Parts from Salvage or ?

OK, folks, I've found the Cruise Control Module and the Interior Lamp
Control which is also known as the T-Delay on some schematics.  I am
looking for replacements for both. The are:

	T-Delay is a #320 or Audi P/N 447-947-115D  probably common to many 
	Cruise Control box is Audi P/N 443-907-305 or Hella part 5GA 004-397-00

If you have either of these for a reasonable price let me know.

The T-Delay is failed, I'm quite sure.  The CC box is questionable but
I'm tired of screwing with it and I am moderately confident that it is
the source of the problem.  The vacuum is generated by the pump,
appropriately, but the solenoid that controls release of vacuum, located
in the pump, is not properly controlled by the control module so the
vacuum drains off as soon as the button is released.  I've already
changed the stalk switch with a known good one and confirmed that the
solenoid is functional mechanically and electrically.  There are no
vacuum leaks other than the solenoid-If I clamp off the line from the
solenoid the system works, though without that line the system cannot

Tx to those that tried to help.

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