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Re: Anyone fixed the door lock on a 200 and have p/ns?

>This is a big pain in the a job.  I hope your hands are the size of a small
>child's.  I've heard of people taking the outer shell off the door, but
>haven't done this myself.  Audi probably intended you to do this, as it is a
>big pain if you don't (BTDT with door skin attached).

It's actually pretty straightforward if you pull the outer door skin off ...
having done four of them now, I have the job down to about 60 minutes per
side.  A while back, Al Powell wrote up the procedure involved and it's in
the q-list archives somewhere ... definitely worth looking up if you've
never done this job before.

As for the parts, just tell any Audi parts person what happened and they'll
know what parts to give you ... I think they ALL break eventually since Audi
went to the trouble of upgrading the parts to stamped steel pieces instead
of the original cast pot metal ... you'll also need to replace the lever but
it should be part of the upgrade kit.  I think I paid around $25 the last
time I bought one...

BTW, if you are lazy and use the passenger lock until you get around to
fixing the driver's door lock, you'll be running the risk of getting locked
out of the car at a most inconvenient time if it breaks too.  When this
happened to me, the only way I could into the car without causing damage was
to pull one of the plastic tubes that power the trunk lock and pumping air
into it backwards using a bicycle pump in order to actuate the door locks
... it worked -- eventually -- but was very much a PITA!  Beware...

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