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Winter Tires

 Well, I made the move for the first time and bought a set of dedicated
winter tires. I purchases a set of Yokohama Guardex for our 83 Ur Q!
 I have to say I am totally underwhelmed! In fact I am really
disappointed. They handle very poorly! Doesn't feel at all like the same
 I even stayed with the 205/60/15 size to try to maintain the cars
handling. Oh well.
 To make matters worse, I purchased a set for my wifes 90 900 turbo Saab
and my wife asked "What's wrong with my car"?
 I specifically asked the sales person at Discount direct and they said
the Guardex handled better than the Bilzzaks! If that's the case they must
really "suck"!
 That's the old story I guess, Live and learn!

  E-mail from: Ronald J. Husak, 19-Oct-1997