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85 dashboard in 82 coupe

Hi fellow obsessives,

just thought I'd take a break and touch base.  I've been working all
weekend putting a newer model dash into my coupe.  New switches means
lots of solder and heat shrink work.  Luckily most of the color codes
are the same!

My main thrill at this point is that I have modified something that I
never liked about the whole 4k series of cars - the center dash fresh
air vent.  As you may know, this vent can only supply outside air.  A
pain when it's cold out and you can't thaw your right hand, and a pain
in spring/fall, when you want it open every day and closed every night.

So I blocked the fresh air ducts and spliced the duct leading to the
center vent to the warm air duct leading to the two side vents.
Yippee!  To get fresh air you just close the heater core valve anyway.
I am now surrounded by warmth.  If anybody (obviously not in their right
mind) is interested in more details, email me, if I went into this in
detail here it would be too much typing.

One sad note - I ran out of film before finishing the "new" assembled
ductwork and so I have no picture of it out on the bench for posterity.
Oh well.

Bye for now, gotta go rip (gently remove) the heater controls out of a
parts car.

Huw Powell
HUMAN Speakers