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Re: no power to fuel pump

QSHIPQ@aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated 97-10-15 05:47:04 EDT, you write:
> << My initial thoughts are the flywheel timing senders and the Hall sender.
> < There's a finite chance that it's simply a defective ECU ...
>  <Hard to think of something that could inhibit starting but permit the car
> to
>  <run once the engine is turning over.
>   >>
> The 2312 code can do this.  Specifically,  Distributor signal is checked by
> ECU at startup.  Once the car is running the ECU ignores the Distributor
> sensor and runs in relation to the rpm and timing sensor marks on the
> flywheel only.  You can swing distributor outside the hall window and the car
> runs, tho the window for the hall distributor is +/- 2 degrees of cam, or +/-
> 4 degrees at crank.  Once you attempt to restart, no go.
> Given that, maybe a quick check of TDC would be in order here first.  Has the
> FPR been replaced with a known working one yet?
> Scott

Hey Scott and all, I think you are right.  I could not get that code to
come up, and about the only thing I was unable to change or check was
the distributor.  The hall sensor actully tested fine, could it be the

Thanks everyone for the help!!!