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RE: Rattly Kind of Sound

JP wrote:

	>1) Ken, you wrote in about a rattly kind of sound from the
front of the
	>engine. I don't know the answer but my 1989 100 also makes that
noise,  but
	>only when hot. I have pulled all the belts off ie; A/C, Alt,
P/S, and removed
	>the timing belt cover to see if it went away but no dice.
Listened with a
	>stethescope until my ears hurt and that didn't help. Idler
pulley seemed
	>fine, could dicern very small lateral movement in water pump
(no leakage
	>though). Anybody......?

Rattly... Are you sure it's not the lifters?

	>2) Has anybody experienced a problem with shifting into reverse
on the 3
	>speed slushbox? Mine is fine until the car has warmed up and
then there is a
	>hesitation of 5 to 10 seconds before reverse happens with a
BANG. A valve
	>sticking possibly? I have done 3 oil changes with Castrol
synthetic Dexron
	>and cleaned the screen twice.

Uh-oh, not good! Your suggestion about sticking valve is probably right.

	>4) After reading the archives I am leaning towards the BOMB for
	>Steering effort is high and hyd light comes on at a stop. Goes
out when I
	>accelerate. At start up brake pedal can be pushed down hard but
is "jerky" as
	>it goes down, however it will not go to the floor. No leaks in
Hyd system
	>(1-1/2 years) and a new hyd pump in 1994. Brake fluid changed
in October last

With the engine running unscrew the return line from the brake booster.
Only few drops should escape from the line. If the fluid escapes in the
continuous flow, the servo is bad. If the servo passes this test,
replace the bomb.

	>5) Clunks in front end. Believe it's KYB shocks I installed
last year and the
	>effect of Goodyear GA all season 205/14 tires.

Or worn strut mounts, or worn suspension bushes, or worn subframe
mounts, or...

	>6) Noisy fuel pump. I know this has been beat to death but I
have to let
	>everybody know I spent $300 Canadian for a new one and the
noise level DID

I assume you changed the fuel filter along with the new pump. Did you
try to cut the screen in the fuel tank as QSHIPQ recommended?

	>8) Was there a problem with the check engine light on this
vintage? I seem to
	>recall an archive article (at 3:00 AM) about a service bulletin
	>dealers to remove the bulb.

I also remember someone telling that the check engine light was giving
too many false alarms.

Aleksander Mierzwa
Warsaw, Poland
87 Audi 5000CS turbo (mine)
88 Renault Medallion wagon (mom's)
91 mountain bike (just in case both cars broke at the same time :-)